Talent Management & Organizational Design

There are no shortages of definitions for the term Talent Management.

While many are all inclusive and extremely diverse in their definition, we define Talent Management as a mission-critical process that ensures organizations have the right quantity and quality of people in place to meet their current and future business goals and objectives.

The process covers all key aspects of an employee’s “life cycle”: including the selection, development, succession and performance management of staff members. Highly effective Talent Management processes include:

  • A clear understanding of the organization’s current and future business goals and objectives.
  • Identification of the gaps between the talent in place and the talent required to drive business results.
  • A well-defined plan designed to close the talent gaps that is integrated with the organization's strategic and business plans.
  • Accurate hiring, promotion, and placement decisions.
  • Connection of individual and team goals tied to organizational business goals and objectives, and providing clear expectations and feedback to manage individual and team/group performance.
  • Development of current talent to enhance performance in current positions as well as provide readiness for transition to the next level.

We will work closely with you and those in your organization to understand the current organizational structure and framework.

We uncover the skill-sets necessary to meet your business needs and then work to assess the gaps between current and future needs of these skill sets.

We evaluate the current organizational talent and structure to determine your needs to meet your current and future business goals and objectives.

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