John Sicilia

“I have interacted with Randy Lumia now for a number of years and find him to be a truly effective and decisive leader in his company. He is extremely respected by the management of the organization. He leads by example. He is very focused on what needs to be done and gets it done effectively. One of his key attributes is his people skills…..ability to bring people together to effectively work together in accomplishing their goals. Since Starting at CR Bard, he has brought to the organization a sense of stability, thru his hiring practices. He has hired both at the staff level and very key management positions. Randy has a very pragmatic view of people and the market place. He is very aware of market conditions with respect to hiring and keeps a close pulse on the market. He works with vendors extremely well and respects everyone. He has a very strong and unique ability to identify difficult situations and make recommendations for improvement. Within my spam of nearly 25 years of executive recruiting, I can proudly say that Randy is “One of the Best” I have worked with. He knows his business well. Personnel of all level in his current employer respect and admire him and his accomplishments. He is truly and asset to his current company and a demonstrated leader.” John Sicilia CPA and Partner GSP International • WWW.GSPINTL.COM

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