Paul Murphy

“Randy and I worked together for 12 years as members of the Global HR Council for C. R. Bard.
The HR Council at Bard consisted of the senior HR executive from each of the major businesses and geographies across the company.
The Council was responsible for formulating and executing the overarching HR strategy for the corporation.

Working together in this capacity, I had many opportunities to see Randy in action and to observe the results of his efforts.
Randy was a consensus-builder and he built relationships across the entire council.
His engaging style and quick wit helped the group navigate some contentious and complex problems.
Randy managed and drove several large-scale corporate-wide initiatives and implementations, including upgrades to our Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness processes.

He is an accomplished HR Executive, a proven winner, and a genuinely nice guy. I highly recommend Randy and would consider him a great asset for any team.”

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